Rotation program and personnel reserve

The company is developing its personnel reserve and implementing an internal rotation program to retain and motivate key employees as well as for the development of the necessary competencies and reduction of costs for the selection and adaptation of personnel.

In the reporting year, 62 internal rotations of employees were performed, including transfer to the international projects of the Company.

Rotation dynamics of 2017-2018, total cumulative, persons

To rapidly form teams for new international and Russian projects, Zarubezhneft JSC has formed a mobile employee pool. The employee pool consists of more than two hundred employees of the Group of Companies at key positions of Zarubezhneft JSC; a mentor-supervisor from among the managers is assigned to each reservist. Throughout the year, the succession pool members are trained as per the approved Individual Development Plans (IDPs) for the development of professional and managerial competencies. To assess the dynamics of reservists’ development, semi-annual monitoring of IDPs implementation is carried out. The degree of readiness of succession pool members for appointment is determined at Expert Group meetings under the supervision of the Company’s top management and revised as per the results of enrichment activities and implementation of the tasks that are important for the Company.

To continuously develop the succession pool structure, the concept of modular training of succession pool members is implemented based on the Company’s own Leadership and Management Capacity Development School. The main objectives of the School are:

  • development of key high-potential employees;
  • enhancing the management culture and the management;
  • improvement of business and personal qualities;
  • improving leadership capacity and teamwork.

In the reporting year, under the Leadership and Management Capacity Development School, 117 succession pool members took part in the following training programs: innovation in the Company’s management system, system thinking, cross-functional management, leader’s core values, and performance management aimed at developing management skills and personal qualities. For the additional development of succession pool members and the implementation of individual development plans, programs for the in-place development of managerial and corporate competencies have been elaborated; an electronic library has been created for self-education and self-development by viewing books online and the opportunity to download useful material.