Personnel selection

The priority task in the area of personnel selection within the Zarubezhneft Group of Companies is satisfying the business’s demand for highly qualified experts through maximum use of in-house candidates and personnel rotation.

Structure of employees hired in 2018 by age, %
Structure of employees hired in 2018 by gender, %
Structure of employees hired in 2018 by country of presence, %
Structure of employees hired in 2018 by areas of activities, %
Structure of employees hired in 2018 by categories, %

The following types of assessments are used for selecting experts:

  • Assessment of individual capabilities and personal qualities using certified testing methods as per international standards, as well as the determination of English language skills for all candidates for positions at the Corporate Center and candidates for individual positions at the subsidiaries;
  • Assessment of professional and ancillary expertise and skills associated with the area of activities.

In 2018, the Group of Companies continued hiring personnel for the new subsidiary Zarubezhneft-Dobycha Kharyaga that was established in 2016. Personnel was also being hired for the new production facilities of RUSVIETPETRO, RMNTK Nefteotdacha, Zarubezhneftestroymontazh, where the headcount of the foreign assets is decreasing.

Zarubezhneft JSC applies a unified approach and personnel adaptation methods: adaptation workshops are held for new employees, supervision and in-place training is practiced, and an individual employee adaptation plan is made. Also, for successful personnel adaptation at Zarubezhneft JSC, since 2018, the automated WebTutor personnel management system has been used: on the first working day, a personal account is created for a new employee of the Company, an invitation is sent to take compulsive introductory courses and get acquainted with materials about the Company, including the “New employee’s guidebook”, the “Code of corporate conduct” and other documents.