Management system and target indicators

The Company’s policy in the area of occupational health, industrial safety, environment protection and social responsibility is the basis for strategic planning and management of the current activities of Zarubezhneft JSC, as well as the setting and fulfillment of tasks, efficient monitoring and control and continuous operational improvement.

Zarubezhneft JSC acknowledges its responsibility for a favorable environment and the preservation of the life, health and wealth of people and undertakes the following obligations:

  • Strive for the “Zero Goal”, prevent injuries and the deterioration of people’s health, environment pollution;
  • Use natural resources, materials and energy rationally;
  • Respect the interests and rights of local populations in the Company’s regions of presence;
  • Comply with the standards of Russian and international laws, fulfill undertaken obligations made to the local people, governmental authorities, foreign and Russian business partners and other stakeholders;
  • Continuously improve own occupational health, industrial safety and environment protection system.

During 2018, the Company provided it employees with special footwear, personal breathing protection equipment and overalls complying with the unified corporate style of Zarubezhneft GC. All necessary plans for the mitigation of emergencies and their consequences were developed and agreed upon in the subsidiaries (Oil Spill Contingency Plan, Emergency Response Plan).

Expert evaluations of industrial safety at hazardous production facilities (HPF) were carried out. Industrial safety statements for the HPF were developed in time.

In-process control is one of the most important elements of an efficient HSE management system. When carrying out in-process control over occupational health, industrial safety and environment protection, the personnel of subsidiaries is guided by the relevant legal and regulatory documents of the Russian Federation and the Company’s regions of presence as well as internal regulatory documents, including the Regulation on the Performance of In-process Control Over the HSE Condition of the Zarubezhneft JC Group of Companies and the procedure – Risk Management in the Field of Occupational Health, Industrial Safety and Environment Protection. The mentioned procedure is an integral part of the general Corporate Risk Management System and regulates the order of HSE risk management in relation to:

  • Violation of the facilities’ integrity (emergency situations);
  • Injury to workers, counter-agents and visitors;
  • Negative environmental impact in carrying out works;
  • Negative environmental impact of technological processes.
LTIFR dynamics, 2015-2018