Some statements and representations contained in this Report are «statements or representations containing forecasts regarding future events» and are subject to various risks. These risks include: possibility of changes in the business and fnancial conditions of the Company’s activities and its development prospects; possibility of changes in the political and economic environment of Russia and the Company’s countries of presence; possibility of changes in current and future regulations for the Russian production, transportation and refning industry; possibility of changes in the Russian laws, as well as the impact of other factors.

Most of the listed factors are beyond the Company’s control or ability to forecast accurately.

Due to their nature, the forecast statements or representations are associated with integral risk and uncertainty of both general and specifc nature, and there is a risk of such assumptions, forecasts and other forecast statements or representations not becoming true.

In view of the foregoing, the Company warns that the actual results may materially vary from those directly or indirectly indicated in the forecast statements or representations and those valid only at the time of preparation of this Report.

The Company bears no liability for damages that private persons or legal entities may incur by relying on the forecast statements or representations. Such forecast statements or representations are in every specifc case only one of multiple possibilities of development of events and shall not in any way be considered as the most probable.

Except for the cases expressly provided for by law, the Company undertakes no obligation to publish updates and changes to the forecast statements or representations based on both new information and subsequent events.