Identification of significant topics

The Company considers the international standard ISO 26000:2010 as one of the main methodological recommendation standards in the non-financial area. This standard defines the main topics of social responsibility: organizational management, human rights, labor practices, environmental matters, good business practices, consumer relations, as well as engagement and development of local communities.

All topics included in this standard are reflected in this Report.

A project team consisting of representatives of all the interested structural divisions of the Company was established to prepare the Report. The main tasks of the project team included clarifying the approaches to information disclosure, interacting with structural divisions when collecting information for the Report, as well as preparing a map of substantive GRI topics and determining their disclosure limits thereof. Preparation of the Report traditionally included analyzing the expert community’s feedback, studying the sustainable development reports of similar companies, as well as analyzing relevant publications in the mass media. The results of the study have shown the importance of mapping and elaborating the Company’s initiatives and projects in case format in the Report and within the management approaches.